The Book describes us each as lambs led, loved, and saved by our Shepard.  The part of us that is ferocious, that would stand and fight, has been being bred out of us for centuries.

We are each meek, and mild

Those that get pushed too far, that become cornered and try to fight back are labeled – ostracized from the herd, caged like animals.

I call you a sheep when our views do not align, as though I alone have somehow managed to escape this systematic evolution to weakness. You call me a sheep, as though perhaps you too have escaped.

We are both correct, neither of us are lions.

We follow our herd. We stray and are driven back in line by the dog. We are fenced in, given an illusion of freedom. We take the bait. Pushing and shoving one another, yet never smart enough to put our collective weight against the gates that hold us and break free.

We are all in this together. We need to help one another.  We each need to reclaim our inner lion

Jim Crook

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