A series of short essays (by a once proud, now disillusioned ex-Oklahoman)

PART ONE: The day I woke up

If you have read anything I’ve written you are quite aware that I have ZERO respect for the conservative party… absolutely 100 percent zero respect. And while it may be tempting to dismiss my heated judgmental rants as hyper-partisan hyperbole… that would be a mistake. I simply am not a partisan. I am merely a seeker and speaker of truth. The fact that I now advocate for the progressive side in this battle – is because THEY, the progressives, simply have the best empirical data and provable facts.

The irony of this is – that I was raised highly conservative. Surrounded by religious culture steeped in so-called family values. Growing up, it’s all I knew or saw. But Truth be told – as most young men, I could care less about any of it. As for politics – I wasn’t raised political either; my mother wasn’t some 60’s hippy. In fact, she was the daughter of a Nazarene minister. So, in my youth, I of course attended the Nazarene church regularly and was baptized there. That was the world I came from – the world that would later inform and shape my world view. (Just not in the way they had
intended it to).

As I grew older, my teens, then my 20’s… I still had no interest in the larger world. Why? Because it didn’t affect me. National problems, world issues, politics in general… were simply not my problem or concern. Back then I had only two concerns – making shit-loads of money at my car dealership – and to be blunt – chasing girls and getting laid. Beyond that – who cares? I surely

Then… one sunny morning as I was driving to my office, a terrorist bomb ripped through downtown Oklahoma, blowing up the Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 of my fellow Oklahoman’s. I was maybe ¼ mile away when it went off. Being so close to the blast – I found myself driving past the scene less than two minutes later.

That was the day I woke up. The day I started paying attention…

(more on that day and the days, weeks, and months to follow in PART TWO of this continuing series – coming soon) – Peace World

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