I was up lat last night, writing in the living room.  When around 2:am, I heard a horrendous crash, apparently coming from our bedroom.  So I got up to investigate.

Turns out my wife Kara had had a dream – she was in a race, running.

But somehow, in this dream, like a sprinter racing for the finish line, she felt compelled to stand up,  sprint across the bed, where she tripped over the foot-board, causing her to fall forward… and as she fell… she grabbed at the TV attached to the wall in an attempt to break her fall.  It did not.  Instead, she hits her head and bruised her ribs on the dresser – all while taking half of the contents atop that dresser – crashing to the floor all around her.

That’s when she woke up – and where I found her – seconds later.

When I asked her what had happened… she, still drifting between her dream state and reality, and still a bit foggy as to how she ended up on the floor.  … simply said –

“I was running”

True story.



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