Yes, we all woke up in “The Divided States of Alt-America” – No it’s not just a bad nightmare.  This is our new reality.

So what are we going to do about it?

By now, most of us have cycled through the various stages of grief… denial, anger, anxiety. But the time for that has passed.  Now, it’s time to move onto acceptance – and to dealing with the reality of the moment.  Sadly, for many of us, that reality is this… that individually we cannot do much.  Because face it, not many of us grew up training for, or ever expected to be – fighting a resistance against our own government – to protect basic human rights and dignities.

No – we are instead just mothers and fathers, professionals, business owners, and sons and daughters ourselves.  And to be clear – we did not want this battle – we didn’t ask for this… but now, it has become a reality most of us just hope to survive.

So what can we do?  We have responsibilities, bills, life in general to worry about.  So how much energy and passion can we really expend on this cause? How many windmills if any can we really afford to tilt at?  And can we really expect enough people to stay energized long enough to even sustain a movement?

All tough questions that needed asked.  Questions most of us I am sure have asked ourselves.

Myself, I try to be intellectually honest enough to accept any hard truth, regardless of whether I like it or not.  And the truth from all the data I have gleaned is this.  We are going to lose, early and often – a lot.  And we damn well better get ready for that reality.

In fact, we have already lost – Now we survive. That is our new REALITY. Survive, and keep the embers of hope alive – for our children.

And here is why…

Because there is still hope.  We saw it when a simple march on Washington – turned into a day of global solidarity… and we see it now as those of us of conscience speak out in support – of not only our Muslim brothers and sisters – but in support of all people of peace and conscience around the world.

Everywhere people are making their own individual choices.  They are contemplating the same simple binary question… the question of whether moving forward – we as humanity side with the least of us – or concede to be ruled by those who have the most.

So when I say our choice is simple, binary even… it’s because it is.  Each of us either stands up to be counted (in anyway we can) by simply speaking out and speaking up for what we know to be right… or we remain silent and accept our defeat.  Those are the two binary chooses we each have.  Fight or concede.  As for me, I will fight – because I know that Win or lose, my friends, all of my brothers and sisters of conscience – that we are all – on the right side of history.

And as long as we continue to speak up and speak out for what we believe in… then none of us are zeros.

Never ever forget that.

Peace – World


Great motivational vid from Mr. Robot – Enjoy!

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