So here is the big conspiracy conservative media is asking us all to believe:

“That the entire global scientific community are actually conspiring to move us away from the TRILLION DOLLAR OIL and GAS business… away from the wars we fight over who controls the oil… so that they can somehow FORCE US to use FREE SOLAR and WIND power instead? So my question is… how is free, clean, and endless energy a bad thing?  Besides that, why would they ALL lie?

And if you believe they all are lying – what exactly are the scientists motives? What is this grand conspiracy that makes anyone that wants to get us off the oil – the enemy? The Truth. There is no conspiracy. 

Because the only motive anyone has to lie is simple – Greed.

But that is not what Fox News* and the conservative media tells you. So even as you homes literally shake from record earthquakes in Oklahoma – from increasingly more-and-more unregulated and excessive fracking… you still passionately defend Exxon/Mobile et all… Why?

Why?  Because that is what you have been programmed to do.  Just follow the money.  Who has the best motive to lie?  Then ask yourself… would they lie to me to protect trillions of dollars?  And would they not do anything to convince everyone that those working towards FREE energy were the enemy?  Of course they would.

Just follow the money – and your common sense.  The sun is free and clean.  Instead of building a ridiculous wall, we should be getting everyone we can, electric cars and solar panels.  Or whatever logically makes sense in their area.  We have so many better options than oil.

“And if you really want to end terrorism – cut off the need for oil.  Make oil obsolete and the middle east could fall into the ocean for all we would care”

Here in Florida, if I had an electric car and a solar panel on my roof… I would never pay a single dime for gas ever again. The average person drives 30 miles a day. New electrics can go 300+ miles
on a charge. That is our potential future… that is free energy.

,,, and that is what big oil, and their bought and bribed politicians and media simply do NOT want us to have access to. Why? Simple. Fucking GREED.

They have made trillions off us already.. do you really think they would just give that up because there was a better way for us – the people?

No, they would spend billions fighting to hold onto those profits… and as long as the conservative party keeps helping them do it… we ALL are slaves to Oil… and our children will continue to fight and die to protect THEIR profits.

That is where we are today… and sadly as long as we keep putting profit above people, and greed above need… nothing will ever change. The lack of respect we have for this planet and its resources is dumbfounding.

This is the only planet we have people. There simply is no planet B to move to once we fuck this one up.

That’s why when 98% of the nerdy genius’s in the white science coats tell me we are fucking up our planet. I believe them. Why don’t some of you?

Scientist simply have no motive to lie.. and Big Oil, like Big Tobacco… have huge reasons to lie… Trillions of them.

Please connect the dots. Please. Our children’s children deserve drinkable water and breathable air… that is all we are saying,

Science is not a liberal conspiracy – you have been lied to. Seek the truth. Ask questions. and above all THINK FOR YOURSELVES!

– Peace

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