This cautionary tale – from the movie V for Vendetta –

Tells the story of a man without conscience, a politician that rises to power on a platform of fear and hate.  Then, unleashes a virus on his own people, killing 100,000 plus.  Why?  So that he and his party could provide the cure – that they already possessed, and rise to complete authoritarian rule under the cover of complete fear and chaos.

The similarities between this graphic-fiction, and our current reality… are terrifying.  If for no other reason, than Trump and his team have seen this movie as well, and they know how well fear and chaos work.

In fact, they have wielded these authoritarian tools masterfully thus far… the propaganda, the hatred, the nationalism, and the absolute control of media.  All amplified and focused through their very own state-run-modeled alt-reality machine… relentlessly attacking all media, thus reality itself.

It has been the most cynical, dare I say genius assaults on our democracy one could ever imagine – and they are pulling it off.  Which tells me they know what they are doing.

And if past history is futures prologue… then we are in for a bumpy ride – and a very uncertain, quite possibly – Orwellian future.

– Peace brothers and sisters.  #resist

This story moves fast – but on point as can be.  If you have seen the movie its easier to follow.  Eerie parallels and solid storytelling.  Enjoy


Original Trailer – Great Movie – Possibly prophetic

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